High Profile Escorts Service in India

Mumbai Fun welcomes you to enjoy high profile escorts services. We are providing model escorts in Mumbai. However, we are not only limited to Bollywood. We do provide services in other cities. Thus, wherever you are you can contact us to hire the sexiest escort for you.
For the ease of operations, we have tied up with some other reputed escort agencies of India. Leather Currency, XMoon, escort agency run by Bhumika Pandit, Ritu Verma and Tina Desai are now in our network. In addition, Pune escort place and GirlF has recently joined our network.

What is the Role of Mumbai Fun in Erotic Industry of India?

There are three parents company, which are supplying the high society escorts in India. First, is Mumbai Fun, second company is Leather Currency, and the third one is 62ml. All the other are agencies, which are hiring the girls from us, and offer them to their clients. Thus, in technical term, you can say that Mumbai Fun is the one of the source of elite class escorts in India.

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We Do Provide High Class Escorts, Directly to the Clients

High Profile Escorts Bangalore

High Profile Escorts Bangalore

Mumbai Fun is dealing directly with the clients in Mumbai. Thus, if you wish to hire the real model escorts and celebrity escorts in India, you will need to visit Mumbai. Otherwise, we will need to contact our network companies…

However, once you get the service from us, we will be confident about you. Thereafter, we can be able to help you directly. On the request of our existing clients, we can fly the high profile escort at your city. Below you can find the list of the cities and the name of the respective escort agencies.

  1. Mumbai Escorts Service: Mumbai Fun, Leather Currency, 62ml, Tina Desai, Bhumika Pandit, GirlF, XMoon and XNight India.
  2. Bangalore Escorts Service: Ritu Verma, Bhumika Pandit, Leather Currency, and Rits Escort Services.
  3. Pune Escorts Service: Pune Escort Place, Nidhi Punjaban, Leather Currency, and 62ml.
  4. Goa Escorts Service: Leather Currency and 62ml.
  5. Delhi Escorts Service: Leather Currency and 62ml.
  6. Other Cities: Leather Currency and 62ml.

Thank you for reading this information. For more details about high profile escorts, and for booking, feel free to contact us.

Reliable and Safe Escort Service in Mumbai – Contact Number and Safety tips

Contact Mumbai Fun for reliable Escort Service in Mumbai

Mumbai Fun Escort service in Mumbai, wishes you all for the colorful festival HOLI! I hope that you all celebrated it with lots of color and love. I was also celebrating it in the morning with my friends. And during the celebration party, I met many sexy females wearing shorts and showcasing their voluptuous body. There I met Sanjana. She was extremely beautiful, and during conversation I got to know that she is an actress. She works in web-series. Well out of curiosity, I asked her about her views on sexuality, finance and escort service. And, as I expected, as an independent girl, she is fine to work as a escort

Reliable Mumbai Escort Agencies. Trustworthy and safe to book a high class girl.

High Class Escort Mumbai

A Chance for you to hire another high profile Indian actress escort in Mumbai

I reveled to Sanjana that I am an experienced escort girl. And, again as expected, she inquire about escorts business. And, at the end she asked me to join my group. Thus, this time, I am giving you a chance to hire Sanjana, as a high class model escort of your dream. Sanjana lives in south Mumbai. And, to avoid much transportation hassle, she ready to provide escort service in south and central part of Mumbai. Thus, if you want to reserve her for a night, or for short-time escort service, please book your hotel room accordingly. You can book a hotel in Colaba, Pali-Hills, Bandra, Cuffe Parade, Andheri East, Juhu and West, or near Marin drive areas of Mumbai.

For Safe and Reliable Escort Service in Mumbai, Must Contact Mumbai Fun…

Points to remember during High Profile Mumbai Escorts Service

Escort Service in Mumbai

  1. High profile escort girls are not a slave. These girls are independent, and member of high-society. Thus, treat them well. Especially, model escorts have their own class. And they are in call-girl service, just to satisfy their own sexual needs. In addition, Mumbai escorts service gives them a chance to build their network with VIP people.
  2. Do not allow an escort to take selfie with you. And never try to share your contact number with them. It will help you to avoid any future problem like blackmailing. Thus, just fuck and forget. Whenever you need a high profile woman to release your pressure, directly contact on mobile number given on this website.
  3. Try new girl every time. It will help you to increase your counting, as well as you will get various type of experiences. And, always hire the girl from reliable escort agencies. Leather Currency and 62ml is the most reputed companies of this field. Many other agencies are working under them. GirlF, Mumbai Fun and Xmoon is a part of the Leather Currency, and known for its reliable escort service. Thus, you can contact us with full of confidence, and ask for the escort service in Mumbai.

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Top Model Escorts in Mumbai – New List 2018 (Most High Profile Females)

Do you want to know about the top model escorts of 2018? Or want to hire them? If you can afford, call on +91-7218990424 to book them… Because, from Mumbai fun, we are giving you this option to hire the latest entries in most high profile escorts available in Mumbai city.

Background of Model Escort Girls and Other High Class Escorts

Again in 2018, city of dreams attracts many young and beautiful girls from across the country. Most of them are still struggling to set their position in Bollywood, but only few hot chicks manage to set themselves in Indian glamour world.

As we are active in Mumbai escort service from years, thus many of the high class model escorts are already work for us, and provide escort service in Mumbai. And, as these girls become senior now, thus new models are approaching them to get better contacts.

Not all! But some of the new female models are more competitive, and their desires are much bigger then others. Thus, they are ready to offer escort services to the elite class people. But, it is not easy… As prostitution is considered as taboo in our society, thus they need some professional hands to operate their service related activities smoothly. As Mumbai Fun has the excellent track record in the field of high profile escort service, thus they happily join us, and we serve them to verified high society clients.

Well! The main intention to write this article is to introduce the list of top model escorts of Mumbai. But there is a problem. High Profile girls do not want to get famous as a escort girl. Thus, here we are providing that information which is relevant and sufficient to give you an idea about the profiles of the top female escorts of 2018. Hope, you will enjoy reading about these girls. And, if you want to hire them, simply contact us.

List of Top Escort Girls Available in Mumbai

  • Model escort

    Model escort, Ms. Kapoor


Ms. Kapoor: Very beautiful and tall (5.7 FT.) Punjabi Girl. She has won many beauty awards till date. Even in Mumbai, recently she grabs a chance to work in a popular TV serial. Thus, you can watch her in idiot box too. But, if you want to meet her face to face, then you will have to hire her for the night. The donation amount, which you need to pay, is Rs. 1.5 lakh.


  • Big Boobs Escort Mumbai

    High Profile Escort, Ms. Sharma

    Ms. Sharma: Another beautiful north Indian girl enters into the world of glamour. She is short (5.3 Ft.) but, full of charm and attitude. You will love to spend days with her. She is beautiful, talkative and very friendly. She has an experience of theater, and because of her acting skills and charm, recently she got a chance to act in a big budget Bollywood Movie. And, the good news is that she is also available to provide escort service in Mumbai and other parts of the country. Thus, you can also hire them. But, there is condition. The donation amount for her services is 1.75 lakh. If you afford to pay, then feel free to contact Mumbai Fun.

  • high profile escort of Mumbai Fun

    High profile escort, Ms. Oswal

    Ms. Oswal: Our 3rd pick is Miss Oswal. She is a divorcee. But, her age is only 24 years. And, I bet, her ex-husband is an idiot. She is extremely attractive, have perfect body and skin tone. In addition, she is extrovert and very friendly. In short, she is a pure party animal. After her divorce, she has decided to pursue career in modeling field. Thus, she is now working with top model management firm. Also, to earn some extra bugs, she joins Mumbai Fun. And, now she is also offering escort services in Mumbai. But, she does not want to share her bed with every other person. Thus, she has decided to accompany elite class persons only. You can hire her by depositing a donation of 1.25 lakh.

  • mumbai escort service

    Mumbai escort service by Ms. Shrivastava

    Ms. Shrivastava: Sometimes we also get surprise. We find this girl in a Pub. She was working there as a manager. But, her personality is not less than any female model or actress. We realized about her capabilities, and invited her to join our hands. She accepted it, and now we are helping her to get into the modeling industry. In return, she is providing escort services to our clients. You can also get her services by paying Rs. 70,000 only.


Call us on +91-721899042 to get Model Escorts in Mumbai

Now, I think you are more curious to know about other profiles. But, for me it is really tough to write about all of the available profiles. There are almost 150+ high class female escorts are registered with Mumbai Fun. And, the rates for their services are ranging between 30000 to 5 lakh. Thus, to know more about them, or to book them, you will need to contact us.

Female Star Escorts

Call on +91-7218990424 to Hire Indian Celebrity Escorts @ Your City…

Tired of watching stars on TV SHOWS and films? No problem, now we are presenting a new level of entertainment in which celebrities will perform for you privet at your room… This will be complete discreet and secure dating, where you can make special close relations with Indian stars and celebrities.

Actress Escorts are Available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Delhi, Surat, Indore, Bhopal and Kolkata.

Do not get so excited, because this is the most exclusive escort service available in the city. And this is reality that, if you capable to pay high amount then you only you can hire them. Otherwise, you will have to make yourself satisfy by hiring female model escorts, in which professional model girls are available in the range between 25000 to 3 Lakhs.

Well, we are here to make it clear that star escorts are too available, but only few can buy their services. If you have capability to hire female celebrities for escort service, then Mumbai Fun is the best choice for you

Star Celebrity Escorts

If want escort services in Pune, then also you can contact us.

Ankita Ahuja

Ankita Ahuja

May be many of high profile escort service lovers of Mumbai heard this name, because Ankita is one of the most famous Model Escort of Mumbai. But we know; only few people got a privilege to date her, because she is in expensive side. She is available for escort entertainment service in Mumbai to those people who do not care about the price tag and want the best in their life.

Because of status and profile Mumbai Fun is supporting her, and we are managing the dating schedules of Ankita Ahuja. Thus, if anyone interested in hiring her, they can contact Mumbai fun for the Booking Support.

Pune Escort Place

We also support another escort agency which operates in Pune by providing female models to them. Thus, if you are in Pune, or planning to go there, then must contact Pune Escort Place. In that place, you can get the most attractive female profiles. And, as Mumbai Fun backed them, thus you can trust them too.

Model Type Female Escorts

This is the new category which is popular now days… But we are not the creator of this segment, because we do not need to promote such girls. Local and low profile female escort agencies of Mumbai are making a false commitment that they also can provide model escorts in Mumbai

LOL… And such local agencies are creating this new profile which we never heard before. Well, these are those girls whom we call college going girls. These girls are dreaming to become an model, but originally they are not. Modeling carrier is something different than the normal profession… It demands dedication, beauty and most important commitment to make them healthy and fit. After lots of hard work, yoga, workout and beauty sessions a female become an Model. We know all this because we are particularly dealing in this segment. By the way, this is not our concern who is selling what… Our concern is something different, we are believing in quality, and this is the reason that elite class people love our agency.

If you want a Model look alike female escort in Mumbai, than we can provide that type of girls too, but sorry, we do not like to call them model escort. For us, these girls are other high class escort… And for that segment our rates are starting from Rupees 15000. For more details call on given number.


Model Escorts Service Mumbai

Escorts Mumbai

This is the supplementary page of Model Escorts Service in Mumbai. As we already discussed that we are dealing in Exclusive Model Escort Service in Mumbai, so there is no need for writing it again and again. But because of some technical issue we are again here to discuss about the Model Escorts Service in Mumbai.

Model Escort

Model Escort in Mumbai

First of all we need to know that what is model Escorts Service. And we need to clear it that all Models are not available for Escort Service in Mumbai. But few of the girls are available. These girls just want to explore more during their young age, and they also know that many of high society males are desperate to date with them. As these girls are bold minded, and take escort service as a casual step toward a successful and prosperous lifestyle so they are ready to date with high society persons in Mumbai and out-side Mumbai. This is just a casual thing for them to entertain single people or group.

Hire Beautiful Model Escorts in Mumbai by simply Dial Our Mobile Number

And not only this if you have capability then you can hire hot Celebrities also in Mumbai or in any other place. So try your luck, may be you can get one.

Indian Celebrity Escorts Service Mumbai

Indian Celebrity Escorts

Escorts Service in Mumbai

Mumbai Fun is the leading Brand for High Profile Escort Service in Mumbai. And Celebrity Escorts Service Mumbai is an extension of our wide range of High Profile Escort Service in Mumbai. We believe in delivering quality service and committed to satisfy the desires of our VIP clients.

We respect the secrecy of our clients as well as our celebrity escorts. So we are very careful and offering our services to only VIP clients. It is not easy to get the celebrities to accompany you. Only very few VIP’s have potential to afford LUXURY service like Celebrity Escorts Mumbai.

 High Profile Escort Service Mumbai

With our excellent management capabilities we are now capable to offer Bollywood Celebrity Escorts Service Mumbai. Celebrity Actress, Celebrity Part-Time Actress and Celebrity Side-Actress are now available in our network and available for VIP Escort service in Mumbai. To know more about Celebrity Escorts Service, please dial our mobile number.

TV Serial Actress Escorts Service

Celebrity Escorts Service Mumbai

Escorts Service by TV Serial actress in Mumbai. Charming TV Serial actress of various channels are now available for VIP Clients. They are derived by desire of prosperity. And because of Celebrity Escorts Mumbai and escort service offered by them, our VIP Clients are satisfying their Physical and Mental desires.

Celebrity Model Escorts Mumbai

Apart from Celebrity actress escorts service we also deliver Celebrity Model Escorts in Mumbai, Top Celebrity status models are also available in our network and desire of prosperity motivates them to offer Escort Service. But they trust only trusted agencies, who securely operate the business and maintain the secrecy. And because of our reputation they trust us and offering service to our clients.

Leather Currency and MumbaiFun presents Most prestegious Celebrity Escorts service in India…

South Indian Celebrity Escort Girls | Independent South Models

South Indian Celebrity Escorts

South Indian Celebrity Escorts Service by Mumbai Fun in All Major Cities of India and Out-Side India


South Indian Celebrity EscortsFound of South Indian Celebrities and want to hire South Indian Celebrity Escorts ?

Remember this service is available for VIP Personals only and service available in all the major cities of Indian and Out side India like Dubai and Singapore.

Service charges depends on Profile and dates of the celebrity.

We are not only dealing in south Indian celebrity Escorts but also other escort categories also like Model Escorts and Student Escorts. To know more about us, Please explore more this website.

Mumbai Celebrity Escorts Service Actress, Models

TV Actress Escorts Service

Mumbai Celebrity Escorts Service for Most VIP and Elite Class Personals in Mumbai and other cities


Indian Celebrity Escorts

Contact us, if you want to hire hottest Indian asses to accompany you. We are offering VIP Escort service by Indian Celebrity Escorts in all over India and Out-side India. So either you want to satisfy your desires in India or any other part of the world we can assist you to hire top Indian Celebrities for Escort Service.

Preferred Cities in India : Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Nagpur and Ahmadabad.

Preferred Cities Out-side India : Dubai and Bangkok.

Charges : Charges for Indian Celebrity Escorts Service are variable and depends on the profiles. So we suggest you to contact us directly to get the details of the service

.Celebrity Escorts India

Top Bollywood Actress Escorts Service in Mumbai

This part of the blog is specially dedicated to those Escort Lovers or Seekers who are planing to visit Mumbai or Staying in Mumbai and Looking for Celebrity Escorts Service. We are the most suitable choice for you, as we are A+ Leather Currency Certified Escort Agency, dealing in Bollywood Celebrity Escorts Service. We can provide you some very exclusive profile. But again everything depends on your budget.

Mumbai Celebrity EscortsOur Bollywood Mumbai Celebrity Escorts Service Charges starting from 5,00,000 Indian Rupees onwards.

For other Mumbai celebrity Escorts our charges starting from 1,50,000 Indian Rupees Onwards

For Celebrity Model Escort Service our charges starting from 80,000 Indian Rupees onwards.

For Further Information and Booking contact MumbaiFun. Disclose your Budget and he will suggest you the profiles that are available in your budget.




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